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29. července 2008 v 11:07 | Baci |  HIM

Bleed Well

You had demons to kill within you screaming
With a gun loaded with guilt you opened their eyes
Love preys the living and praises the dead
In the heart of our hearts by death we were wed
Bleed well the soul you're about to sell for passion deranged
Kiss and tell, baby we're bleeding well
Bleed well the heart you're about to fail for reasons insane
Kill and tell, baby we're bleeding well…
…In hell
"No love lost under her will", I heard you weeping
And on those words a church was built to keep the pain in
If death is the answer to love's mysteries
Then bleed on my darling to the sound of a dream

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1 Oldřich Oldřich | E-mail | Web | 29. března 2012 v 14:38 | Reagovat

Souhlasím s tebou....

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